Founders Suite

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The Founders Suite is named after the three founding members of the Club. These three rooms can be used together to form one large room or individually for smaller events.

Robert Gordon Room

Robert Gordon (1829-1918) was our first president serving from 1860-1862. He presided as chairman at the organizational meeting of December 23, 1859. He was a member of the banking firm of Maitland, Phelps & Company. He retired to London in 1883 and became a partner in J.S. Morgan & Company. He was one of the reorganizers of the Club in 1877 and served as trustee from that date.

Benjamin G. Arnold Room

Benjamin Aronld served as president from 1877-1880 and head of B.G. Arnold & Company of 125 Front Street. He was a leading coffee merchant and the first president of the Coffee Exchange, serving from 1882-1885. He died a member on December 10, 1894.

Robert L. Maitland Room

Robert Maitland served as treasurer from 1860-1862. Mr. Maitland was one of two members of the constitution and by-laws committee and of the committee on location. He personally purchased our first property at 22 Exchange St. for $30,000 which was sold to the Club three months later. He founded the Art Committee by donating the first two works of art to the Club. He also repurchased the first Clubhouse along with its contents, wines and stores for $32,000 on August 30,1862.